Laws and Rules

The Utah Legislature has created School Community Councils and Charter Trust Land Councils along with their responsibilities that include creating and approving the School LAND Trust Plan each year. For easy reference, links to the laws and rules are listed here and updated as the legislative website and administrative rules website are updated.

Charter School Laws and Rules
Charter Schools that use their charter board for the Charter Trust Lands Council use the Open and Public Meetings Act as they do for all of their meetings.  When the school elects the Charter Trust Lands Council, the council uses the Open Meetings Law for School Community Councils.  All Charter Trust Lands Councils are subject to the items listed under School LAND Trust Program below.


The Law Creating the Program  School LAND Trust program Board Rule R277-477
Appropriate Expenditures Updates – USBE and Legislative Changes 3/2020


School Community Council Law Open Meeting Law for Councils
School Community Council Board Rule R277-491 Teacher and Student Success Program