Charter Trust Land Councils

Charter schools have councils that prepare, approve, and implement School LAND Trust Plans.   When charter school governing boards have a membership consistent with the requirement to have a two parent member majority, the charter governing board may be the Charter Trust Land Council.  If the membership of the governing board does not meet that requirement, the governing board establishes a process for a council to be elected with a two parent member majority.


Charter School LAND Trust Program Spring Reporting Outline

Charter requirements are slightly different than for district schools.  Please find charter specific information here.

Charter Trust Land Council Timeline

Required School  Website Information for Charter Schools

The School LAND Trust Program

Fall 2019 Training

Fall 2019 Charter Trust Land Council Training (PDF)

The PDF may be saved to your computer as a PowerPoint.

Fall 2019 Charter Trust Land Council Training (video)

Training Videos:

    Charter Trust Lands Council Training

    Charter Governing Boards Training 

    Charter School Directors

Charter Trust Land Councils – Utah Law

Digital Citizenship and School Safety Responsibilities 

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