Click on the link below to find School LAND Trust information for any school in Utah.
Select the District (or Charter) and then the School. You may select a year and then:

-Funding (Any year displays five years plus the estimate for next year)
-Yearly Report (Prior year plans and the plan being implemented now)
-Council Members

School Information

Find names and contact information for principals and district personnel who administer the School LAND Trust Program at the link below.

District Contacts and Principals

To view a spreadsheet of all schools in the state with their funding amounts, click the link below. There is a per pupil formula that determines the funding for each school. Charter schools receive a base plus the statewide per pupil average for the students in the school. For district schools, the first 10% is divided equally between the school districts and the remaining 90% is strictly per pupil. For each district the 10% and the total per pupil amount is added together for the district total. The district total is divided by the district student count to determine the district per pupil amount. Each school receives the district per pupil amount based on enrollment. The formula advantages small districts and schools where the 10% is spread across a smaller population.

Funding for All Schools