Timelines/Due Dates


School Community Councils have responsibilities that are tied to due dates.  Some dates are set in law, some are set by the local school boards.  Some dates are set by the council and the council may establish timelines to help them complete their work on time.  On this page, please find links to timeline samples councils could use as a template to create their own.

Creating a Timeline for the Year Timeline for Charter Schools


Each School, In Consultation with the School District Selects the Date(s) – Annual Elections for Open School Community Council Positions – Near the beginning of the school year or in the spring to be completed before the last week of school.  Timing of elections should remain consistent for at least four years.

October 20th – Fall Reports – Council Membership Report, Principal Assurance Form, Final Report for School LAND Trust of the prior year implementation

District Sets the Due Date – Spring Reports – School LAND Trust Plan for the upcoming school year with the Signature Form, signed by council members indicating their involvement on the council

Before May 15th – Local School Boards Review and Approve Spring Reports

District Sets the Due Date – School Improvement Plans

July – School LAND Trust Funds Distributed to schools with approved plans