Local school boards arrange for annual training of the local school board and school community council members in their district, including training for council officers.  Charter school governing boards, and Charter Trust Land Councils are also trained each year.  Training materials to support districts and charter schools are found here.  The School Children’s Trust provides training upon request.

Please contact the School Children’s Trust at the Utah State Office of Education for support, training, or to request additional training materials.

SUMMERTIME TRAINING – In person or online

On Monday, July 16th from 1:00-5:00 pm education experts at the Utah State Board of Education will provide training for school community council members and others interested in improving educational outcomes for students.  It will focus on where to find school data, how to understand the data, how to identify and implement best practices for your students, including the best use of positive behavioral interventions.  Open the following link for Summer Training Details – Location and WebEx Address.


The School Children’s Trust will offer three in-person training meetings  in October and November that will include help for council members serving for the first time as well as those wishing to better understand how to prepare good plans that will make a difference.   No charge and all are WELCOME to participate.  Re-licensure credit is available.  Open this link for details.  Training Dates and Locations.

Materials Used in 2017 Fall School Community Council Training

Website formatting will not accommodate PowerPoint formats.  PowerPoint presentations are in PDF format.  PDFs may be downloaded, saved to your computer, opened and saved again as a PowerPoint.

Safe Technology and Digital Citizenship Improving Parent Involvement on Councils – New resources with some in Spanish
School LAND Trust Program Expenditures  School Community Councils Training Slides – This is a big file and may take a minute to download.  It is intended that portions of the presentation be selected to meet your needs.
Officer Training Slides– For Chairs and Vice-Chairs Staff Information Flyer Another Staff Information Flyer  – Principals are encouraged to make the school staff aware of how the schools is using trust funds annually.  These flyers are prepared to support principals in that responsibility.  Both are in Word so you may make changes, add school specific text, and print.
Job Descriptions  Utah’s Education Endowment – New Training Film – Please click on the link.  When it opens, choose Utah’s Education Endowment.  Once it is playing, you may download it by copy/pasting to your files.

Resources for Council Chairs

Elections Compliance Checklist
Taking Minutes Slides School Website Information for Councils
 Rules of Order and Procedure – A Template Timeline for School LAND Trust Program

Preparing a Good Plan – From Assessments to Results

Resources – From Statewide Trainings

 Data Breakouts – Juab Junior, Ecker Hill Middle, Mount Jordan Middle Trainings  Accessing USBE Reports and Understanding Data

Sage Scores by State, District and School

Understanding Sage Tests – Video

Toolkit for Struggling Readers 

Principles to Actions Executive Summary for both elementary and secondary math

A Website to Review Instructional Materials